Byfleet Heritage Society

Byfleet Research Projects

The BHS has a number of local history related projects running at the moment and we would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to be involved in any of these, or has any information to share - we are very keen to ensure that duplicated effort is minimised. If there is another project that you have a passion for do please let us know about it.

This is a simple list of projects known to us. Please email us at if you would like to discuss anything further.

Air raid shelters and defencesWith Brooklands on the doorstep many Byfleet houses had air raid shelters in the garden and we would like to map these and identify the various different types. There were also Barrage Balloons and gun emplacements, e.g. on Manor Farm
Aircraft crashes and bombingsWe are gathering information on the Vickers Warwick that crashed near to the Church. We are also working with Brooklands Museum to record the history of air raids on the area.
Byfleet Boat ClubsByfleet was blessed with two boat clubs, both at Parvis Bridge. The Village Club still remains.
BroadoaksOnce the home of the Charrington family and later the MOD.
Byfleet Broadsiders Cycle TeamThis sport was very popular after the War, with many local people involved. We would love to add your memories and photographs to our collection.
Brooklands connectionsWith Brooklands on the doorstep many local people worked there and a few still have memories of its heyday as a racetrack. Please share your memories with us..
Byfleet & Weybridge InclosureWe have transcribed the Byfleet part of this important act so that it is available for research.
Chertsey RoadWe are trying to compile a list who lived in each house over the years. Any input would appreciated.
ChurchesByfleet and West Byfleet have a number of churches and we would like to record their history, both ancient and modern.
Clock HouseThis imposing house has had many roles ove the years. Please add your memories to our archives
Byfleet Cricket ClubThe cricket club has a well recorded history and this is being recounted in the BHS Journal, but we would always welcome additions to the story.
EntertainmentA number of well known actors and entertainers have come from Byfleet over the years.
Essential Oil FactoryThis little known operation was in West Byfleet in the 19C. Much research is needed.
Farming & AgricultureWe are keen to record what we can of Byfleet's more rural past before the memories fade.
Film sitesThe area has been used for filming many times over the years, including Robin Hood (Richard Green) and much more recently Downton Abbey. Please add details of any instances that you can recall.
Fire service /
Byfleet Fire Station
See its own page on this site, and a number of entries in the Forum, but we would love to share your researches and memories of this special site.
Byfleet Football ClubPart of Byfleet's sporting tradition. Do you have any memories or memorabilia - programmes that we can copy, etc?
Foxwarren ParkThis dramatic estate sits on the edge of the Village with its instantly recognisable gatehouses.
French's FarmFormerly in Chertsey Road and needing to be researched
HospitalsThere were temporary hospitals and nursing homes locally, generally associated with the Wars.
Manor Farm gun emplacementThis site was demolished (but recorded first) for the Manor Farm development. Other war defences - barrage balloons, etc. also need researching and recording.
Manor House / Byfleet ParkThe Village's most important building. Well documented but there is much of the story to be found.
Marist ConventIn West Byfleet.
Byfleet MillA site a long and well recorded history, but there is much more to find out.
Oral HistoryDo you know of any existing recordings in other archives? Would you like to join the project recording or giving interviews? We would love to hear from you.
Parish DayOnce alternating between Byfleet and West Byfleet and now over a century old, this special local day needs further research.
PeopleThere have been many interesting and important people living locally throughout history. Please add to the elementary list on the web site.
Petersham AvenueWe are trying to compile a list who lived in each house over the years. Any input would appreciated.
Poets & Literary figuresBoth Spence & Duck were local poets who achieved national fame. Have you researched local literary figures?
The Village Pound.
PubsThere have been a number of hostelries in the two villages over time, with much research needed.
Recreation Grounds & Amenity SitesLittle has been documented about these sites to date. Please add to the picture as we must have all spent a lot of our childhood playing here.
Sanway areaA research project has been set up and good progress is being made. All contributions would be very welcome - perhaps we could see your deeds if you live there?
SchoolsThere are a number of local schools and those of us who grew up here will have many happy(?) memories of days spent with school friends.
ScoutingScouts & Guides, Byfleet & West Byfleet
St. Mary’s Church GraveyardRecording of Monumental Inscriptions; The infamous court case.
SportApart from the specific sports listed elsewhere, we would also love to know more about other activities..
WG TarrantThe renown Byfleet builder who created estates such as St. Georges Hill, Wentworth and Pyrford Woods; as well as the Tarrant tabor triplane.
Byfleet TitheWe are currently working on a project with the Surrey History Centre to transcribe this important act, which shaped the local landscape.
TransportRoad, rail, air, canal, etc.
Tree Surveyand other wildlife surveys
Vickers housingCaillard & Dawson Roads, plus 10 houses in Oyster Lane
Vickers Sports GroundKings Head Lane - also the activities there. At one time used by Surrey County Cricket Club for an annual Sunday League match.
Village HallHome of many village activities
War memorialsBoth in the Villages and in the churches
WartimeWe are keen to record memories of this life changing time and its impact locally.
West HallFormer home of the Stoop family, local benefactors.
Byfleet WharfOne time the Surrey Grist Mills amongst many other uses in its long history
Work & IndustryVickers, Hawker, Britax - there are many local firms whose history should be recorded for posterity.
York RoadWe are trying to compile a list who lived in each house over the years. Any input would appreciated.